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May 4, 2012 8:00pm EDT
you would see stokely carmichael and you would see brown and the body and newton and the news described them as the black militants had of course stokely talked about a black power. i want to back up and talk about power because all of my lessons in black history i don't want you to think it was over the dinner table with books spread out. he was a working man and he was a good man and he was with a call in those days a race man so a lot of the lessons would be as simple as we would be watching television the old black-and-white tv come and a tarzan movie would come on the. the mother with a sweeping across the screen during the tarzan yell and she would speak his language and the lines would go [cheering] the alliance would go. the monkeys would go here and he would be looking at that and after about five minutes he would go like what the hell is that. [laughter] tell me how little cracker beebee can fall out of an airplane, boy change the channel. [laughter] it was living history. then i was switching and i remember the first time seen in young harry reasoner and he was givi
May 18, 2012 8:00pm EDT
minister gordon brown. >> today's witness -- [inaudible] >> i swear by my aussie god to undertake it will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me god. >> give your full name. >> john whitaker straw, the commonly known as jack. >> u.s. signed and dated it. are you content to confirm the content to the verses of this inquiry? >> i am. mr. straw, thank you for a witness statement to the effort you put into it and also for the next phase, which were extremely pricey and. of all the witnesses who have appeared or who are sued. this inquiry as they made clear in the declaration and eight at the beginning, i know mr. straw the best. not merely because we knew each other many, many years ago, but because i worked quite closely and in my capacity when he was lorch chancellor and judge. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> mr. straw, in terms of your career, the dates may be relevant to this secretary page 97 to 2001, foreign secretary 2001 to 2006. 2006 until 2000 then lord chancellor secretary of state, but justice until 27 until 2010. .. to undermine your integrity w
May 7, 2012 8:30pm EDT
of brown versus board of education. a great example of this. brown was 64% supported by the country. >> what about those that say the courts are the defense of the rule of law against this. >> we had a defense counsel that said that defense courts are going to prevent this, and the founders had some aspect of his and their civic republican thinking. but i prefer the quotation from hamilton that stressed it is not following the polls in any crude sense or preventing the mobster ruling, the forcing fundamental values that the country has accepted over time. that is why interventions are important. the great fourth amendment decision. they have to be used sparingly. when the judges believe that they can impose the contested vision of justice on the country, they often get into trouble. that is why debates right now are so poignant and important. questions from health care to affirmative action to campaign finance -- these are things about which the country is on a razor's edge. when you just put your thumb heavily on one side of the scale, then you provoke a lot of popular contestant.
May 1, 2012 8:00pm EDT
quoted robert browning, saying that a man to reach should exceed his grasp for weapons that have been for? know what he was implying the stephen had gotten beyond his death that should be given for it. and i think that's what he meant. the stephen asked john tien arguably unanswerable questions, things like what is it that creates fire into the equations and makes the universe for them to describe? why is there something rather than nothing? what is the universe go to the bother of existing? it strays into philosophy and religion. there are questions that are more cautious and civil science but i'm not. they're largely irrelevant to the everyday pursuit of most science. and even all the cover of his book was the grand design, this book was first built in answers come it does actually an stephen goes on asking questions. ever since then he goes unseen i want to know these answers. also, in that same book he writes that it is meaningless to ask whether the answers he propose is there anyone else proposes that that level really represent reality. and on which causes his more dogmatic reducti
May 16, 2012 8:00pm EDT
command her. also, major general bob brown. the commander of to start looking at the declarations and recommendations and how we might move forward. there's been no decisions made. but we will look at how we want to progress. >> does that depend on how you see things a over the next several months? what's happening now or is that independent? >> i think it's not -- it's not based. we are not going to wait. i've asked them to start looking at it now. and then we will chart a course of action as we -- a way forward as we -- and i suspect something will come out sometime this summer. >> has this included a plan to send women through the rain court equivalent of their infantry officer school? >> no, we have our own schools. >> i know. >> yes. >> we will take a look at it. i mean, that's what the recommendation will come forward. that is part of what the recommendations are. we will make some announcements when we have a chance to look at it. >> the house opposition bill heads to the floor today. i wanted to ask if you could comment on a couple of items. there's language that limits th
May 30, 2012 8:00pm EDT
, we think brown, that's what we mean by color coded it is all races, all colors, all creeds falling faster and poverty now than ever before. specifically women and children. we talk in this book about bill clinton, who i like and respect and she's a friend. i think she's still a friend. i said this a few times over the past couple weeks, maybe not the reality is nobody else in our society in part because the welfare reform bill 15 years ago peter edelman has a book of right now called so richard commesso poor we are not the only ones in caring for put people in this country we are not the only ones talking about before he ever got in the race talking about this particular issue and he famously predicted 15 years ago that this was going we were going to be reaping some dire consequences if bill clinton passed this law. he famously resigned his high post in the clinton administration in protest over this issue. fast-forward 15 years and i have news for you peter was right and that's why we see women and children falling faster than anybody. what does this say about a nation that allow
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6